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An Inspirational Letter From a Running Reader

October 9, 2011

Dear Kate,

I used to be my own biggest “non-believer”. But after I ran the rain soaked Cleveland Marathon on May 15, 2011 I knew in my heart that I could never, ever again doubt myself. Period. Training for a full marathon is literally a part-time job and I got the swine flu for 2 weeks out of my 16 week training program. I was on the edge of panic as I thought of all the miles I had missed but then as soon as I set out to run again, I realized the best thing about running – it is ingrained in your body once you do it! And my body just wanted to run and run and run!
-Lisa E.

Dear Lisa,

W.O.W. I must admit, I also doubt myself and at times fool myself into thinking I’m not “really a runner”, which of course is silly because anyone who runs and puts in miles in a dedicated manner and continues to improve, changes their way of eating and registers to run a half or entire marathon can be considered a runner. It’s like I need to prove to myself that I can run this half then a full marathon so I can have the honor of really being a runner… And I don’t think I am unlike you or anyone else out there who runs– or lives life.

We are often our own “biggest non believers,” as you mentioned in your email, and I am fighting to ditch that self doubt within myself like you did in your situation!

I am in awe of your dedication and accomplishment and will remember the obstacles you overcame to reach your goal! I will use it to overcome my own personal obstacles!

Congrats to you, Amazon woman :)!

I’m hoping all who read your email will be inspired to turn off their computers or put down their phones and GO RUN!

Thanks for sharing!!!


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