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September 28, 2011

You asked me in your emails (kate@kateplusmy8.com)  and I’m answering!
Here goes:

Sara asks -

Q: You always look great, where do you shop?
A: For clothing I shop at many various places. A few I like are White House | Black Market, Ann Taylor (great tv dresses!), and a website Elysasuzanne.com - Check them out!
Q: What designers do you like?
A: Honestly, I don’t really pay attention to names of anything. If I like it and or looks good, count me in! :)
Q: Do you miss your old hair?
A: Not for a second! I missed my long hair and I’m glad to have it back! Although, I must say, my short hair was necessary and did the trick! Who knew it would cause a worldwide panic????

Lisa asks -

Q: What kind of treadmill do you recommend?
A: I have an ancient horrible old thing, but at hotel gyms I’ve run on really nice ones. Some of the brands I like are Lifefitness and Precor.

If you are truly going to depend on a treadmill to help you get fit, the expense is worth it!
Thanks Lisa!

Another Sara asks-

Q: Lately my patience has been thin with the whining and fighting. How do you handle that in your house? Any tips? I can use all the help I can get.
A: Well, you know my saying “you get what you get and you don’t get upset” but beyond that, I only step in when I’m needed and try to block all the other stuff out! Kids need to learn to problem solve on their own — it’s a life skill we all need,  but when a real “life lesson” issue bubbles up through all the squabbling (being kind to new kids at school, treating the dog like we treat each other, with kindness and love or giving a brother/sister your toy if you break theirs, as examples) I use it as that and we talk through it.
When all else fails, I remember that bedtime ALWAYS comes– my famous advice, lol!

Clarisa asks-

Q: How has the divorce effected your faith?
A: It was definitely a tough time. I realized that I have my faith in God no matter what. He has never left me and for that I’m grateful.
Q: How where you treated at church during and after the divorce?
A: Not different. I think the hardest part was/is attending church as only the 9 of us. It’s when it bothers me most. It’s still hard!
Q: I was also wondering if the cupcake guy ever resurfaced?
A: LOL no. Lotsa frogs til I find my prince I guess? (for the record, before you run off to write the latest gossip column,  I’m NOT calling Mr Cupcake a frog!)

Heather asks-

Q: Do you still clip coupons?
A: Absolutely! It’s still money in my pocket!!!!
Q: Do you still do the grocery shopping for your family?
A: Sure do! Wondering who else would do it if I didn’t? :) Perhaps I could train Shoka to do it at some point? No, that’s right,  he doesn’t even help carry the bags! Darn!

Esther asks-

Q: Do you know if TLC is going to put your Kate Plus 8 series on DVD for us to purchase? (hoping so)
A: All seasons have gone to DVD so it is my assumption that season 6 will as well. As soon as I have specific information on it, I’ll be sure to post it here on my website!
Q: Are you going to put together a cookbook anytime soon?
A: I know with the economy my cookbook got delayed but I wholly intend to publish it and am working towards that goal… Stay tuned!

Misty asks-

Q: What about a talk show on Sirius radio?
A: This is an idea that thrills me to pieces! I LOVE doing satellite radio tours and it’s something that a few people have suggested recently. I must admit, it would be a great way to put my “gift of gab” to great use!  I’ll look into it… Thanks for the suggestion!

That’s all the Ask Kate questions and Answers for now! Keep sending original questions with “Ask Kate” in the subject line and I’ll keep answering!

Thanks guys! It’s been gr8!


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