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October 28, 2011

Bev S asks -
Q: What advice do you have for someone who wants to start running?
A: My advice is: Just start somewhere. Put on your running shoes, quit the excuses and go…
If that means walking on the treadmill for 15 minutes, do it. Increase the time and intensity a little bit everyday and most likely you’ll be addicted in no time! Once you see your body improvements and increased energy level, you’ll want to keep going! On days that you feel sluggish (like today for me!) give yourself a break but never let too many days go by without exercise because it’s easy to “slip out of the habit” even if you are addicted! :) good luck!
Q: Do the negative comments from people upset you or how do you handle them?
A: I am human and I have feelings so, yes, all negativity affects me to a certain degree. I don’t let it get to me though because everyone in the spotlight has haters and so they are pretty generic in that sense. You have your supporters and your haters. Fact of life. I try to turn the criticism around for the positive and work extra hard to succeed in everything I do not only for my kids and my own satisfaction, but to prove the haters wrong!
Generally, I have a thick skin and negative nonsense is just a buzz in my ear. I’m way too busy to care who said what to tear me down. The most apparent problem, as I see it, is what the hate from haters says about them and their lives, not what they are saying about me and my life!
Consider the source and move on…;)

Cindy asks -
Q: Just wondering, did all the extensions grow out, and do you love your “new” hair?
A: YES! I’ve been “extension-less” since January of this year! I am totally in love with having my “real” long hair again!!!! Thanks, Ted and Jason!!!!:)

Drenda wants to know -
Q: My boys are 5 and 11, almost 12 and I was wondering what chores your kids do and do you give an allowance?
A: We have a chore chart that I made a few years ago. There are 1-2 chores per child assigned each Sunday evening at dinner time. I write in their name with a dry erase marker and call them out each week when I rotate names. Examples:
- Clean table after dinner
- Clean floor after dinner
- Straighten shoes, book bags etc
- Clean up toys in family room and basement
- Take trash out
- Load dishwashers
- Empty dishwashers
- Straighten bathrooms

This chore chart works for us but the key to getting your kids to do chores is that YOU are consistent! :) Good luck!

Vicky asks -
Q: As my girls get older, I have noticed that the toy collection is starting to take over. Do you have any suggestions for organizing toys? What is your rule on toys?
A: Hi Vicky. To be honest, toys in this house fall into the “circle of life” or “survival of the fittest” category. In other words, most toys don’t last long enough to clutter the house because they break and are “pitched”. With that said, having two year old twins means you have doubles of clutter. When my kids were little, I didn’t allow toy duplication as much as possible and insisted even at 2 that they help clean up. I minimize toys in the kids rooms to this day. Each 7 year old has a plastic bin with a lid at the bottom of their bed and whatever fits into that bin, they can have in their room. Otherwise all toys go into the basement play room. Every holiday, we clean out toys – broken is thrown away and salvageable toys are donated. This helps to cut down on clutter too!
Hope this helps! Good luck!

Sara asks -
Q: Do you ever get tired of driving that big bus? I would.
Is it hard to drive or is it easy for you after many years of driving??
A: I was originally scared of driving the BBB! I used to have to preplan where I’d park the night before and I’d lay awake stressing about it! Over the years, it has become second nature and it’s actually really easy to drive. It’s loud and feels like you’re driving a school bus, but for us it’s reality! A car with 10 seats!

Amy in the UK asks -
Q: I’m sure you must have a personal trainer to look as good as you do.(Do you? Or what’s your secret?)
Are you ever planning on coming to the UK?? To meet all your fans over here.
A: Hi Amy – I have never trained for ONE minute with a trainer but wish I could find one because I have so many questions! I am just learning as I go and have always had a “knack” for nutrition and excercise!
My secret is healthy eating and determination. All things in moderation and exercise hard! :)
Also, I’d love to have a reason to come to the UK and when I do, I’ll be there! As much as I’d love to plan a visit for fun, its not possible right now! :)

And finally, Lynn asks -
Q: Do you use a self tanner? If so, which one? Your skin is always so beautiful and you have an amazing glow about you.
A: thank you for the compliments but I’m not proud to admit that I use the tanning bed occasionally to get that glow! I am allergic to self tanners and spray tans and since I live in Pa, my only option is the “fake bake!” :(
It does help me get through the dark dreary winters here so that is another plus! :)


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