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January 13, 2012

1. Q: How to best survive a divorce with children? How do I keep up my spirit? What motto to keep me going?
-Nicole from Norway

A: Hi Nicole – My best advice to you: **keep on going. Literally, get up everyday and keep putting one foot in front of the other. I remember feeling numb, thinking “why is the whole world going on as usual when mine is crashing around me?” and that is normal.
**It is of utmost importance to keep your kids protected, safe and surrounded by your love. They need to know about changes that affect them but nothing more than a child should know. It’s important that you remind them daily that this is a “big person” problem and that it is NOT their fault. Remind them that both of you still love them. Make sure you are especially trust worthy because divorce causes kids to feel distrustful. Reprove yourself to your kids if need be.
**You will feel scared! Embrace it, learn from it and become stronger because of it.
Bottom line – You will get through it with some difficult and painful memories but focusing on survival for yourself,  peace for your kids and following your heart will guide you through!

2. Q: What happened to Nala?

A: Hi Mel – When life got crazy here, I knew that Nala and Shoka  weren’t getting the attention they needed so I asked the breeder to take them back so that their needs were being met while I focused on my kids. We all missed them and I knew I needed to try to bring them back, but because Nala and Shoka were a difficult pair together, I knew I could only bring back Shoka. It took me awhile to realize that one dog is better than none :) and bringing Shoka home was one of the best decisions I have ever made! Shoka is so laid back and happy being the “king of the mountain” here! He is a part of our family now forever.
We will never forget Nala and still miss her a lot but I know my limits and what works best for us! We receive updates periodically and know that Nala  is happy and doing very well with another family.

3. Q: In an episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8 you talked about at that time what career you thought each of your children would end up in. It has been a few years since then, do you still know what careers you think they will end up in or what you think would be suited to them? Do you think any will have the same career?

A: I don’t quite remember what I had said as far as my kids and their future careers, but here’s a guess now -
Cara – teacher
Mady – vet or something with acting/producing etc. She writes scripts and “produces” plays from our basement nearly daily :)
Alexis – vet
Aaden – not sure…
Collin – architect
Hannah – teacher or a CEO of a company :)
Leah – not sure…
Joel – pilot

4. Q: I weigh 171, is that too much weight to start running?  Also, which of your playlist would you recommend for just starting out running?

A: Hi Brandy – if you can’t run, start by walking! Do something! As you see the weight coming off it will inspire you to keep going and eventually you will be running and loving it! I challenge you to start today… In fact, as soon as you finish reading this blog! Put those running shoes on and start melting that weight away! :) YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

5. Q: I was just wondering if you have considered doing a cookbook? Your meals always sound so delicious and healthy, would love it if you shared the wealth :)

A: I have considered and worked on one. I do indeed hope to get one put together very soon! It’s on my “need to do list!”
I have many great ideas to include that small and large families will love… Stay tuned…

6. Q: Hi, i was wondering if Mady and Cara have phones?
If, so what age did they get them?

A: I have a feeling this question came from a tweenie who is lobbying for her own phone? :)
Mady and Cara do have phones but only because they spend some weekends with their dad and because they are involved in lots of different after school  activites so it would be hard to keep track of them otherwise.
If they don’t keep their rooms clean or their phones distract them from completing their homework, however, I take them from them until their chores/homework are completed. I also have their phones very “parental controlled” so that I have access to them at any time. I have very strict phone rules to  protect my kids and keep them safe! Good luck! :)

7. Q/A from Molly

Favorite color: pink, of  course
Favorite TV Show: Dexter
Favorite Movie: Sound of Music, Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman
Favorite Musician/Singer: Taylor Swift (need I say more?;)
Favorite Sport on TV: I’ll watch football if I have to… Does that count?
Favorite Holiday: Christmas and 4th of July
Favorite Vacation Ever Taken: Australia/New Zealand trip, oh and Hawaii
Favorite Episode Ever Shot: too many to mention.. Inside Kate’s World was most touching because it was most honest and real… But so many favorites!

8. Q: Hi Kate! I just had my first baby on October 20th, 2011 :) My favorite time of the day is when I get to rock him to sleep in my rocking chair. :) I watched your show alot and I always wondered how you put 6 babies to sleep for the first year?  -Natalie

A: Hi Natalie – I couldn’t rock each of them to sleep, obviously, so they learned young to put themselves to sleep. I always marveled what it would be like to be able to rock my (one!) baby to sleep, but obviously I didn’t have the opportunity to learn! I used to walk from crib to crib popping paci’s (pacifiers) back into mouths and patting “hineys” til they each fell asleep… This took an hour sometimes!!!! So, lucky you that you can do the rocking chair/snuggle thing! :)
Congrats and Good luck to you!


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