Baby Colors

February 23, 2012

As we were driving to the bus stop this morning, we noticed the beautiful pink and purple sky! I usually say “look mommy, Jesus painted the sky again” – quoting Joel from a few years ago – but this morning I said “oh look at the beautiful pink and purple sky! It’s a Cara and Mady baby sky!” – referring to their “assigned” colors when they were babies. This launched a discussion about “baby colors”  and I heard Cara recite: “Alexis was purple, Hannah was pink, Leah was green, Aaden was yellow, Collin was blue and Joel was red!” I remarked “Yep! Cara remembers” and smiled to myself as I recalled all of the color coded items we used over the years – bottles, shoe tags, cups, bibs and on and on the list goes…

In this pic, the sky looks mostly orange... But it was a delicate mixture of vibrant pinks and purples as we made our way to the bus stop this morning...

We briefly discussed why I assigned  each baby a color – for organizational and identification purposes – when Alexis cheerily questioned “What was YOUR baby color, mommy?” I pondered that question for a second because it was something I had never thought about before and, on the other hand, was something that seemed very normal to all of my kids! I answered  ”I didn’t have a baby color, Alexis!” She, sounding slightly horrified,  asked “Whyyy?” I replied  ”Because I was only ONE baby!” The gasps I heard throughout the BBB, following my answer, told me everything I needed to know – I am the unusual one in THIS family! I am the ONLY person who is NOT a multiple! Of course, I was fully aware of that but I have never before felt “alone” in it. In that moment, I felt like sort of “left out” and there was a very “tight” club that I hadn’t been invited to join!

Suddenly I found myself wishing that I WAS a multiple… Mostly a clone of me to help me with my 8 kids! Pretty sure it wouldn’t work that way, but a girl can dream, can’t she? Ha!

Wow, one mom of ALL multiples…It still shocks me once in awhile… Yes, even still!


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