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March 13, 2012

Today I choose…
- to smile on the outside even tho I may feel frowny on the inside.
- to take a really negative situation and look really hard find the one possible positive in it and focus only on that!
- to make the effort to make my children happy and give them amazing childhood memories despite all other clutter and noise in my life!
- to take the road less traveled which is the hard road because I know it is the best thing to do and the outcome is always the most rewarding!
- exert myself to the maximum in order to achieve my goals!
- to encourage others along my way!
- hold myself to the highest standards possible in order to live the most achieved life imaginable for myself and the ones I love!
- to realize that as a mom I have immense responsibility and I may not “slack” if I want the best for my children!
- to remind myself that all decisions I make matter!
- to give myself permission to “rest” and “take a break” for a short time once in awhile in order to chill out mentally before I hit life hard once again!
- to ignore hate, dishonesty,  attempted sabotage, and the ones that wish it on me and instead pay kindness, acceptance and positivity forward!
- to find solutions and not problems!
- to get up each and every time I am knocked down in life!
- to make at least one person smile, because if only that, I’ve made the world a little bit better!
- to realize that I am blessed beyond words….and that alone should inspire me to do ALL of the above each and everyday!

I hope for each of you a positive and love filled day, despite what you are going through!


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