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Braces Off Party for Hannah!

August 13, 2013

It was a fun traditional celebration here… One I’ll have to repeat in just a few months I hear.. Except that will be a braces ON party… It seems there’re lots of parties here these days… And it’s funny but no ones seems to mind some extra cake and gooey candy as part of our celebrations! Not even me! They’re fun!!

Last pic of Hannah with braces just before they're removed! She's all smiles because her "teeth bling" is soon a thing of the past, leaving behind sparkly white straight teeth!'

Her first happy glimpse of her new straight white beautiful teeth!

All polished and done! Gleaming beautiful teeth on such a beautiful girl!

We went home and created our silly cake to celebrate her "braces off" day -- filled with Hannah's choice of gummy candy, gum and crunchy stuff! All stuff she's had to avoid for a year!!

Yet another shot of our cute cake that we created together to celebrate Hannah's "braces off" day!

And finally, the pearly girl and her cake! So beautiful....So happy too! She did a wonderful job of caring for her braces ... And the end result couldn't be better, I don't think!

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