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Bread Wrappers?

December 21, 2011

Dear Humans,

What? Did you think I didn’t know what a wrapper was? Do you really think I’d eat them? NO WAY! Just because I chew the legs off my chickens, doesn’t mean I eat them either! I know the difference between food and plastic!

Oh, silly humans – watching me with that “are you okay” look, wondering if I’d need a $2000 surgery like Nala did??! No, I’m too dog gone smart for that! And by the way “mom” – your pound cake, banana bread, zucchini bread and pumpkin breads BARK….. I mean, ROCK!

Yeah, I have one “ruff” life, don’t I?

Poor trash guys… One of my non furry brothers just told me those delicious little loaves were meant for them… Oops, sorry guys! Maybe next time…..well, maybe!


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