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There are only 6 days left until I run my very FIRST MARATHON! I am so nervous and excited all at one time! I cannot believe my life has led me here, even I wouldn’t have ever guessed that a marathon would not only land on my bucket list but that I’d have such a strong desire to cross it off the list.. And now, this year!

I’ve now run many long runs which consisted of 10 miles, then 18 miles, a 20 miler and now I’m tapering back down to 10′s before the big day!

Last night, while I ran the perimeter of my driveway 80 something times for a total distance of ten miles, my kids ran inside to make encouraging signs to cheer me on! They also had a fresh newly organized cheer each time I returned from the bottom of our driveway. This continued for at least 45 minutes of my hour and twenty minute run. Their excitement was so encouraging! It made me smile between my sweat and struggle as my weary body had no desire to compete the ten miles that was on my To Do list last evening! I made sure to engrain their encouragement in my head to take with me while I run my 26.2 miles next weekend. I also asked to keep their signs that they made so that I could hang them where I’d see them that morning to remind me of how proud my eight little cheerleaders are!

And last, the most important part of why I want to run a marathon is the “message” in it all:
The kids and I had a long discussion as to why I’m choosing to run a marathon. I was able to explain to my kids that I wanted to prove to them that with hard work and determination, ANYTHING is possible in life, not only for me, but for them as well! I want my children to think back to the day their mom ran a marathon, remember ALL the running preparation she did ahead of time and realize that nothing should ever stop them from working hard to meet, achieve, and reach their goals.

Meanwhile, I’m just hoping that my body cooperates so that I can pound this lesson in……. Must say, this is the most painful lesson I’ve attempted to teach them to date……


Many of you have asked if I listen to music while I run! The answer is YES, although sometimes I just love to hear the sound of my pounding feet and the birds tweet, but most of the time, I need a kick in the rear – or rather ear – and a goal to meet! So here is my list of albums and artists that I am currently listening to:

Albums (Downloadable on iTunes):
Adrenaline Junkie (AudioFuel)
Run Free Volume 1 (AudioFuel)
Run Free Volume 2 (AudioFuel)
Running Ultimate Hits Collection
Sport Music Allstars – Best Running Music

Other Artists :
Lady Gaga
Adam Lambert
Enrique Iglesias

Hope this helps keep you moving! I’d love to know what your favorite running songs are too! I always need a music refresh to avoid the running doldrums!

Please put “running playlist songs” in your subject line when you email me!
Good luck and many merry miles!