On this page you will be able to read encouragement to keep running or start running or walking... Or doing SOMETHING to stay healthy! You'll also be able to read about my latest fitness “finds” whether it be new products I've discovered, new workout routines or even my newest most amazing menu/ healthy foods I'm crazy about! I'll keep you up to date on how this mom of 8 keeps trying to look and feel great!

Dear Kate,

I used to be my own biggest “non-believer”. But after I ran the rain soaked Cleveland Marathon on May 15, 2011 I knew in my heart that I could never, ever again doubt myself. Period. Training for a full marathon is literally a part-time job and I got the swine flu for 2 weeks out of my 16 week training program. I was on the edge of panic as I thought of all the miles I had missed but then as soon as I set out to run again, I realized the best thing about running – it is ingrained in your body once you do it! And my body just wanted to run and run and run!
-Lisa E.

Dear Lisa,

W.O.W. I must admit, I also doubt myself and at times fool myself into thinking I’m not “really a runner”, which of course is silly because anyone who runs and puts in miles in a dedicated manner and continues to improve, changes their way of eating and registers to run a half or entire marathon can be considered a runner. It’s like I need to prove to myself that I can run this half then a full marathon so I can have the honor of really being a runner… And I don’t think I am unlike you or anyone else out there who runs– or lives life.

We are often our own “biggest non believers,” as you mentioned in your email, and I am fighting to ditch that self doubt within myself like you did in your situation!

I am in awe of your dedication and accomplishment and will remember the obstacles you overcame to reach your goal! I will use it to overcome my own personal obstacles!

Congrats to you, Amazon woman :)!

I’m hoping all who read your email will be inspired to turn off their computers or put down their phones and GO RUN!

Thanks for sharing!!!


What I’m Eating

October 3, 2011

I’ve received many many questions about what I eat. The answer to that question is that I always eat healthy (almost always!) and for the most part, I eat whatever my body is craving.

I’ll give you some examples of typical foods – meals and snacks – that I eat and let you decide if it will work for you!

I also need to mention that I do NOT follow any certain diet or plan. I take no supplements and do nothing drastic. I do run on average every other day, completing about 20-30 miles per week — without a trainer!

With all of that said:
Breakfast (6 am): My typical breakfast is a mixture of 4 different brands of cereals that I combine into 1 bowl. My current favorites are: All Bran, Cascadian Farms Raisin Bran, Cascadian Farms Multigrain Squares and Kashi 7 Whole Grain Nuggets. I eat a total of about 1 1/2 cups of cereal each morning.
I also drink 1-2 cups of coffee with about 1/3 cup total fat free coffeemate. [total rough estimate - 500 calories for breakfast]

For a morning snack (9:30 or 10 am): If I have a snack, I’ll usually grab two Suzies Agave sweetened Kamut cakes with a very thin smear of peanut butter (I buy Marathon brand organic so I can pour off extra oil on top! Cuts fat and not protein!) on it. [total - about 100 calories]

Lunch (12 noon-ish): On good and organized days, I’ll grab a salad that I prepared ahead of time and put in my own take out container. It’s one of my very own “Kate Salads” that contains mixed greens, tomato, red (or green pepper), cucumber, red or Vidalia onion, half an avocado, a sprinkle of fat free feta cheese, a half cup low fat cottage cheese, and about a tablespoon of finely chopped Blue Diamond smoked almonds. For dressing, I spritz about 20 squirts of Wish Bone Salad Spritzers (Balsamic Breeze flavor) on top.

This lunch is delicious and covers all food groups and I consider my salad to be a super duper food! Sometimes I eat one of these salads for dinner too!
[I can't guess at calories on this one]

"Kate Salad" made ahead in a take out container -- to save time!

Snack (3pm): Sometimes I’ll grab a handful of dried apricots and five raw almonds (as I’m running out the door to the bus stop!) [calories? 100?]

Dinner (6 pm): I’ll have another “Kate Salad” or I’ll make an egg white omelet. To the egg whites I’ll add: a handful of fresh spinach, a sprinkle of fat free feta cheese, 8 cherry tomatoes (halved), Vidalia onion, mushrooms, and even broccoli… Really any vege that’s in my fridge goes into my dinner! I also grind some fresh black pepper on top! Yum!
I add a handful of my favorite crackers to give it some crunch! Right now, I am eating Brad’s Raw Chips. They are raw veges that aren’t baked or fried – just dehydrated – and are amazing! My favorite flavors are sweet potato and red bell pepper.
[again- no calorie guess here]

My egg white omelet dinner. I added a half a cup of salsa and half an avocado too! Yum!

"Kate Salad!!!!"

Snack (if I MUST) around (7:30 or 8pm): (I do not believe in eating after 8 pm but can’t say I ALWAYS abide), I will sometimes have 2-3 fat free Fig Newmans.
[calories: 100-150]

There are many other things I eat but above is just an example of a day of my intake.

A few other things to note-
1. Drink lots of water! Sometimes when you feel hungry, you are really just thirsty! So, I always drink first!
2. I really think long and hard before I have a glass of wine. Although it seems harmless, it adds calories to my daily intake!
3. Can’t watch what you eat without adding exercise! I run to improve my fitness and I don’t use it an excuse to “eat what I want!” With that said, I do have dessert on occasion and remember to savor every bite! :)
4. I don’t “count calories” as such. I do watch the types of foods I eat and the amounts of them I’m eating. I “counted” calories above for the readers benefit only and I probably miscounted!
5. On days that I just don’t care and I’m ravenous constantly and can’t convince myself to put my running shoes on, (I’m talking to YOU, PMS!!!) I try not to beat myself up! On those days, I try to do as much excercise as I can, try to make smart food choices and if chocolate wins that day — I move on!

I always tell myself: Tomorrow is another day and today won’t ruin what I’m working towards… unless I throw in the towel and let it! But that’s MY choice! :)

Hope this helps!