On this page you will be able to read encouragement to keep running or start running or walking... Or doing SOMETHING to stay healthy! You'll also be able to read about my latest fitness “finds” whether it be new products I've discovered, new workout routines or even my newest most amazing menu/ healthy foods I'm crazy about! I'll keep you up to date on how this mom of 8 keeps trying to look and feel great!

Fitness Q & A

September 30, 2011

Today I am answering Shelly’s email with regards to fitness…

She writes-

Dear Kate — My questions are in regards to your running.

Q: How many days a week do you run?
A: I run just about every other day – schedule, weather and me dependent! (like everyone, my laziness wins every once in a while!)

Q: Do you run outside or inside on a treadmill?
A: I can’t remember the last time I ran on my treadmill but it’s good to have one as a back up if I don’t have a babysitter or the weather is uncooperative!

Q: How many miles do you run each day?
A: I always make a plan. I psych myself up the night before if I plan on running a long run and especially if I want to push my limits and run further than I have previously run. That said, sometimes I surprise myself and keep going and going and going. The same is true though on “lazy”days when I just can’t do more than 6 miles or so. Running is weird… You just never know what you can push out til you’re out there!

Q: Are you training for a half or whole marathon?
A: I’m training now for my first half marathon in December. I’ve never ever trained with a trainer but I hope to find one in the last month before I do it. I’d love to learn more tricks on how to push myself further. And, of course, I’ll share them with you! :)

Q: Do you run at a certain pace or just what feels good that day?
A: I try to do mostly 8.5 minute miles which is the pace my body seems to naturally do. Sometimes faster and sometimes slower though… Depends on the day, weather etc :)

Q: Do you run on the raod or on trails?
A: Mostly I run on the road but I also do trails on rare occasion.

Hope this helps, all! Thanks, Shelly for your questions!


My First Fitness Blog

September 22, 2011

[I wrote this last week during our continual rain.]

I’m talking to myself right now. I feel unmotivated because it’s raining outside and I don’t want to run in the rain again today. To make matters worse, my new favorite route is blocked off because of rising flood waters. I’m also tired from a long week. Such whining…
I also know that, because of my schedule, I haven’t gotten a run in yet this week– and the week is almost over…. I have two choices:
The same choices I have everyday…
I can give in and say “forget it” and quit or I can push myself to run even if that means running in the rain OR on the boring dreaded treadmill..
My choice… I find that the worst part of being a runner is trying to overcome that voice inside my head that is lazy and doesn’t care about being a champion..
I am NOT a quitter in life and I am NOT going to be a quitter when it comes to being a runner either!
I’m off to lace up my running shoes…

C’mon… You can do it too…
Or are you choosing to be a quitter ???!!!!