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13? It Can’t Be!

October 12, 2013

Yes, my little girls are 13 years old…..my babies who were adorned in pink (Cara) and purple (Mady) constantly for their first few years. My babies whose beauty and wonder brought me joy in volumes I didn’t know possible from the very first second I laid eyes on them — at 6 weeks gestation on a fuzzy ultrasound screen when they were mere circles with little beating hearts! They were THE two most beautiful things I had ever seen in my life. And right then and there, they gave me my favorite title, “Mommy.”

Those little circles have grown over the years into two beautiful, loving, smart, witty, thoughtful, helpful and hard working girls. They turned 13 the other day. I’m not sure how it’s possible but the calendar shows that it is. I’m so proud of them and so happy for them, yet I’m so blown away that TWO teenagers now reside in my home. I love this age. They are old enough to “get it,” yet they still want their mommy and I’m still “cool enough” (most of the time) to hang out with. We laugh, we cry, we talk about anything from the latest and greatest phone “app” to what the world may be like when they are parents. They’re stupendously amazing girls. And, yes, I’m a very partial mother. That’s to be expected tho, right? :)

Sure, they’ve got the occasional — and very normal — bursts of attitude that goes along with being teenagers, but fortunately for me, I’m a young enough mom (cough, cough) that I myself remember turning 13 and all the difficult hormone induced years of confusion that followed.

When these difficult moments arise, I am striving to love them and be patient with them as they grow and work through this timeframe. “They can’t help it” comes to mind often and when I need extra reminders, I glance at the gummy toothless (and drooly) smiles in the baby photos I have nearby to remind me of the who is inside of that somewhat “unloveable” person displayed in front of me.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, we had a wonderful weekend sleepover that included 9 girls total. We made pizzas and had our Gosselin Birthday Cake. We ate too much candy and stayed up wayyyy too late. To be honest, I had as much fun as they did! My girls have a wonderful group of friends with whom I share many laughs and truly enjoy having around.

On the big day (Tuesday) we ate dinner at our local Chipotle (as requested by the birthday girls) and then came home and celebrated with individual cakes — one for each — and ice cream. Then we opened the myriad of presents that awaited my 13 year olds. The smiles and screams of joy said it all…. It was the best birthday ever! Of course. Each one seems to be their favorite somehow!

I loved this birthday. And I really love my twin teenagers. Bring on the teen years — so far, it’s a good “look” for my oldest Gosselin girls! :)

We went to see the One Direction movie, a Mady birthday wish!

The girls chose Chipotle for their birthday meal (as a side bonus, no cooking for me! Yay!)

During the weekend prior, the girls had a big sleepover party to celebrate! They invited 7 of their friends. 9 girls here total! We had F.U.N!

Happy 13th birthday, Cara and Mady!

It was a fun traditional celebration here… One I’ll have to repeat in just a few months I hear.. Except that will be a braces ON party… It seems there’re lots of parties here these days… And it’s funny but no ones seems to mind some extra cake and gooey candy as part of our celebrations! Not even me! They’re fun!!

Last pic of Hannah with braces just before they're removed! She's all smiles because her "teeth bling" is soon a thing of the past, leaving behind sparkly white straight teeth!'

Her first happy glimpse of her new straight white beautiful teeth!

All polished and done! Gleaming beautiful teeth on such a beautiful girl!

We went home and created our silly cake to celebrate her "braces off" day -- filled with Hannah's choice of gummy candy, gum and crunchy stuff! All stuff she's had to avoid for a year!!

Yet another shot of our cute cake that we created together to celebrate Hannah's "braces off" day!

And finally, the pearly girl and her cake! So beautiful....So happy too! She did a wonderful job of caring for her braces ... And the end result couldn't be better, I don't think!