My kids would like to display their talents for you... So please enjoy their artwork, poetry, and writings here on our K8's Kids page!

Kate’s Kids!

May 23, 2013

Some new photos!

Hannah and Bunny. Night night.

Joel and his red dog pillow pet. Sleep well! Xo

Alexis and her bear. Sweet dreams!

Leah and "pengu-y" sleep well!

Aaden and froggy (remember him? He asked for another one for his birthday this year! How sweet!) goodnight Aa-day and froggy :)

Collin can't find his "pugsly dog" so his pillow pet is his next favorite friend! Goodnight Collin!

Recent Art!

May 24, 2012

Mothers Day cards! I get an entire collage! Isn’t that cool? These are precious keepsakes (Mady’s card not pictured – she misplaced it)! They make life as a mom totally and completely satisfying and well worth the wear! :)


Cards from top left: Cara, Collin, Aaden Second row: Joel, Leah Bottom row: Hannah, Alexis


Hannah's cow (or is it a dog?) Anyway, toooo cute, had to post!


Leah, self portrait


Cara's work of art!


Mady's still life