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December 17, 2011

Hi Kate,

My good friend just had a tummy tuck and is experiencing a lot of different pain, drainage, emotions, etc. Was just wondering if you have any advice for her in her healing process.


Dear Amy -

First of all, you are an amazing friend for reaching out, asking questions and sympathizing with your friend who is struggling! ;) Second, I’ll tell you a bit about my experience so you can share it with your friend.
I remember waking up from surgery in A LOT of pain. I knew to expect this but thought to myself  ”I went into this healthy and woke up feeling like an old lady… What have I done?”

Over the next week, I rested, away from my 8 kids, as instructed by (amazingly awesome) Dr. Glassman so they didn’t “injure me” lol! After the first week, which was really rough, I started to feel better.  At two weeks, I could get up, prepare meals, and lay back down. I exhausted easily. I could also switch over laundry carefully and gently lift my kids – one at a time – if I needed to.

I also had “drainage” and actually had other issues as well such as muscle spasms and urinary retention problems in the first days that settled after the first week post op.

The important thing I remember was being still so that the  healing process was not interrupted or damaged! Tell her to be still until she’s allowed to go back to normal activity!

Now, and as soon as I forgot the details of the surgery and recovery, I always tell moms, or women in general, who have the need and opportunity to have a tummy tuck, that it was one of the BEST things I have ever done! Many things in life are difficult but super worthwhile if you can get through it… And this was definitely one of them! I feel that my tummy tuck was a turning point for me in that I was able to see myself  ”pre baby” and start working out to shed those extra pounds beyond the skin that the tummy tuck took off! Dr Glassman has told me many times that women come into his office to discuss a tummy tuck and say “I want to look like Kate  Gosselin.” His response: “I can only do the tummy tuck. She worked hard to get her body back and if you want to look like her, you will need to work hard too!”
I love him for this answer because many people think that a tummy tuck solved all of my post baby issues…. And they are wrong!

Finally, if your friend is having “drainage issues” please have her contact her surgeon to make sure everything is “okay.” I can’t offer advice on what is normal and not normal :). Tell her to hang in there! The results will start showing up soon and she will be really happy she did it!

Good luck!


Congratulations on running your first marathon! I admire your tenacity. Thank you for taking the time to detail your thoughts during the run, and what you did to plow through. One day, I plan to run one myself. I have done 3 halfs…and go verrry slow. But I love the clarity that running provides so I’m not in it to win it, just to feel and look good. :)

Anyway, continue being courageous and brave. None of us are perfect, but you are exemplifying that life is about the journey…and the learning along the way…and accepting yourself for all the good and the bad that you are. Thanks for putting yourself out there for all of us to learn from, and see how we too might challenge ourselves to grow.