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Funniest Tooth Fairy Stories

October 11, 2011

[WARNING: Don't allow your tooth fairy believing child to read this entry!]

Here are some of the funniest, cutesy and most creative tooth fairy stories I’ve read from all of you. There were so many great stories, I have decided to post a few! Thank you all for the laughs! It’s good to know all parents forget sometimes and are creative with their answers!!!

Donna wrote:

Dear Kate,
When my boys were young my youngest son took one of those candy corm pieces and bit off the orange and yellow parts, he then put the white part under his pillow seeking to “trick” the tooth fairy. His older brother was so upset by this that he wrote the tooth fairy a note telling what his younger brother was trying to pull. They are now 37 and 39 years old and I still have the letter. I also have all of their baby teeth…. lol.

Morgan C says:

Dear Kate,
When I was young, about 6, I was very afraid of the tooth fairy. (I’m 17 now) when I would loose a tooth I would put it on the OTHER SIDE of the room for the Fairy to pick it up. I did not like the idea of some little thing crawling under my pillow when I was sleep :)
My experience :)
With love.
Morgan C.

Kelly emailed:

Dear Kate,
With four kids we have had our share of Tooth Fairy “incidents”. She has forgotten to stop a time or two. But she has left notes to explain her absence though. Once she was frightened of our new puppy and had to make sure she was friendly, once she had a case of fairy food poisoning, and once she was on vacation. The kids wanted to know where a fairy goes on vacation! She did leave a picture of herself once, picking up a tooth. I found the site Capturethemagic.com (not an advertisement, just a really fun site). Keegan was so excited and proud, he took the pic to school to show all his friends…priceless! Anyway, she is mostly a good tooth fairy. Trixie was my Tooth Fairy when I was a kid too!
Miss your show!
Kelly S.

More Words From Fans

September 25, 2011

Hi Kate

I see you as a great inspiration to strong women. It is a challenge to be a mom….a good mom. It would be easy to let things slide, to watch tv, to give in to demands…It is hard work to demand good behaviour, good habits. I feel like I am like that. I take the hard road, for the better good. In the moment, I am pulling out my hair, but the end result is great kids and hopefully a better life. I do this in my work as well. I teach Kindergarten. You MUST be consistent and follow through, but you owe it to the little people depending on you to teach them the right way. You are not doing anyone a favour by being soft and passive. It hurts them in the long run.

You have been criticized for being a take charge, outspoken woman. I admire that. It is hard for many people to see women in that way. This is where the criticism comes in. I have been criticized because I am the bread winner and the decision maker in my family. It’s just the way it worked out. I would love someone to take care of me sometime, but it was just not in the cards for me. You do what you have to do.

I love the fitness tips. This is the area in my life where I need to get focused and committed. I desperately need to lose weight. I eat my emotions. I think I may need to learn to exercise rather than eat when I need that release from stress. Thanks again, for your inspiration. I believe that God has a plan for us…and I think you are suppose to motivate people. You are suppose to be in the spot light. You are being tested by the criticism and by the media but you are strong. Anything worth having is worth working hard for.


Dear Tracy,

Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement! I feel that with your roles as a Mom, breadwinner, and kindergarten teacher, you understand the many directions so many of us moms and women are pulled at all times!

It would be very easy to “throw in the towel” and quit but, like you said, the choice to take the hard road amidst much criticism for the “greater good” is the right road and best road for our kids– the future of our world!

So keep on keeping on! Sounds like you’re on the right track! Just one day at a time and sometimes an hour and a minute at a time… It will be worth it for us all in the end!