Meet our very furry member of our family, Shoka. We could only guess how he feels living in a house full of suffocating overly loving kids! We don't have to wonder any longer... You can read Shoka's thoughts as documented by me right here on his very own "Shoka Diaries" page! Hope it brings a smile to your face the same way he lights up our lives....

Dear Humans…

January 23, 2012

Dear Humans -

When the day is dark and it’s cold and rainy outside, why oh why must I come inside? You call me and call me and I don’t come to the door…. mostly because I do not want to come inside but also because I do not like to be dried off with my soft blue towel. When I finally come to the door, after you call me repeatedly using both my first AND middle names, “Shoka Joe, come NOW!”,  I stand politely and patiently yet miserably, with my dog eyes, while you dry me off and give me a treat… Thank you for my dry milkbone biscuit….but don’t you know I do some of my best hunting in the inclement weather… and that the best barking finds on my property are when the smells are heightened in the rain? I do not care that my freshly groomed fluffy fur emits a smell  like… well, a dog (gasp!)! Why then must you care?

Oh, my humans, I do love you, so I come when you call me, even if a bit reluctantly, but please just once can’t you forget about me and  let me stay outside and get all dirty and soaked to the bone? It’s so much wagging fun! I try to behave when you call me in, but just to “help” you with the drying process, I just HAVE to shake my entire lovable self and spray you with my good wet smell! For some reason, that upsets you…. Could it be because you don’t love me or is it because you are all dressed up in hair, makeup and heels ready to go away and you are offended by my canine scent?
It’s a ruff life being a spoiled Shepherd but, well, some dogs gotta do it…

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