Meet our very furry member of our family, Shoka. We could only guess how he feels living in a house full of suffocating overly loving kids! We don't have to wonder any longer... You can read Shoka's thoughts as documented by me right here on his very own "Shoka Diaries" page! Hope it brings a smile to your face the same way he lights up our lives....

Dear Humans….

February 27, 2012

Dear Humans,

I’ve seen my little non-furry friends get in their very big car many times in the early, still dark mornings! I wag my tail and bark “good morning” and they get in, slide the big door shut and don’t come back for a very long time! This morning, my non furry “mommy” did something very unusual! She opened the very back door……..and called to ME! ”Shokaaaaaa, Shoka come!”

Oh, I wasn’t having ANY part of that! I do not enjoy car rides (or at least I try to convince myself that I don’t!) and I have only once in my life ridden in their really big car! It was when we visited the pet store a long time ago! The only time I really enjoy riding in a car is when my barking good friend, the groomer, picks me up in his suv! Oh yeah, that’s fun! Sometimes, he brings my girlfriend, Inka, along and we have lots of fun!

So, when I was called, I pressed my ears flat to my head, and made a very obvious bee line as I skidattled out around that back door – just in case it tried to suck me in! But my non-furry mommy patted the floor of the big car and called me very sweetly so I obliged and hopped right in! I really love her so I do as I’m told just like my little friends do – well, almost always – again, just like my little friends do!

As I hopped in, all my non-furry brothers and sisters shocked me with their cheers of excitement and praise! Clearly, I did something good!?! So, I sat down and looked out the window and enjoyed the ride! The chatter from the four rows of seats in front of me was comforting as they are my people and it’s always good to hear their familiar voices! Once we arrived at the place where we were going, I saw a bigger car and it was yellow. Just like that there was instant quiet once my non-furry friends hopped out! First though, they all yelled “bye Shoka, I love you!” and they were off! My person, the mommy, hopped back in and talked to me all the way home. By the sound of her voice, I definitely did something good. When she opened the back door, once we were back on my land, she handed me a peanut butter cookie. So then I knew I did something very good!

You know, I think I could get used to going places with my people… It wasn’t a ruff ride at all!

Side note – Skidattle is not an official word, but when googled, it does exist in various spellings quite often! My non furry mommy uses that word when I have my nose in a trash bag :(




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