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Dear Humans

April 5, 2012

Dear Humans,

I remember this time last year… You sent me to be groomed (as usual) and they sent me home in a pastel girly colored bandana.. And it obviously never fails, because home I came again this year… In purple! I’m a BOY, humans!!!!

Oh, what’s a dog to do? Guess I’ll have to wriggle out of it and hide it like I do with the other colors I don’t like! It’s ruff but I usually manage..

Then, as I recall, a few days later following the offensive bandana, you covered the entire yard, as far as my nose could smell, with colorful oval play things.. Were they balls for me to fetch??! I’m thinking not, because I wasn’t allowed to even SNIFF them, let alone FETCH them!!! Oh it would have been such barking good fun if only you had let me have a taste of the doggone good treats inside??! I’m immune to wrappers (remember my Christmas treat that I rewarded myself with?) so c’mon, let the furry guy have a nibble!

Instead of me, which would have made the most “scents,” my non furry friends got to “fetch” those colorful toys…it was really doggone strange to watch because they carried baskets while shrieking (oh how that noise hurt my sensitive ears!) with happiness as they collected them! I wonder WHY they did that???? Aren’t the furry kids s’posed to do all the fetchin’?

Oh well, the best part of last year, that I’m crossing my tail for again this year, is the scraps of ham and the doglicious ham bone that shows up in my bowl! Oh.. I can’t wait to spend a lazy spring morning digging deep in the fresh mulch to bury it for another day when I need a snack! Now that is the best part of this time of year…no waggin way I’d forget that! Better not count my chickens before they’re hatched tho… You never know…. Yikes, I’m not supposed to count ANY chickens anymore at all.. Not since I, um, “overloved” a few a couple a years ago.. Nope, chickens are off limits to me! That lesson I learned… A little too late…

…..Anyway, if there’s any furry girls out there missing a pretty purple scarf, I have it..


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