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First “Words from Fans” Posting

September 19, 2011

I have always watched your show, and now that it’s gone I feel like I should share something with you (whether you actually read this or not). Everytime I heard someone criticize you for your controlling and over-the-top personality (especially during your divorce), I always felt bad for you, and secretly a little guilty. Bad for you because I felt like, a lot of the time, although you might have been a teensy bit nicer, you were just in your frustration and had reason to get as upset as you did. Some people dont realize that kids are a handful, but 8 kids would probably test a person in a way that might, sometimes, leave you at your wits end. Even in the earlier shows I felt so bad and thought to myself, “I would get that upset if my husband was always needing constant instruction, and I had 9 kids to take care of instead of 8″.

Then I felt guilty because you were being publicly criticised for behavior that I often exhibit in my own home only having 2 children :(

Something about society always expects a mother, and mainly a woman, to be submissive and nice and sweet. Perpetually in a good mood – all the time – no matter what. To have a female on television displaying something a little more real was a breath of fresh air. Also refreshing is your ownership of your flaws. Your mission to focus on being kinder towards people in the way you speak to them and interact is amazing, and is something I think about a lot as well. It’s not easy (what would be easy is if everyone could just read our minds and do things the way we want them done, right?), but I am trying to change this about myself one day at a time.

You will always be a role model for me, and I will always be a loyal fan – good days or bad. I deperately hope you end up having a new job in television, bc I think a lot of strong willed women need you as a public figure. But more importantly, I hope you find a way to give your kids the life you want for them.

Stephanie M.

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