Funny Kid Sayings!!!

October 21, 2011

I am constantly laughing at my kids’ view of the world and how they express themselves verbally! Sometimes funny, sometimes creative, and sometimes they melt my heart!

Here are a few of their latest and greatest!

1. The other night after bringing up the requested four bales of hay from the barn with his brothers, Aaden wanted to tell me something he saw in the barn. He started his sentence like this: “Mommy, when we were down in the barn, getting hay loafs….”
So so cute! Was he thinking of MEAT loaf? Lol!

2. When asked how Alexis remembered something, she replied, “I don’t know. It was somehow stapled to my brain!”
Very creative! Wish I could staple stuff to MY brain!

3. On the highway, coming home from school activities the other night, I had Aaden and Cara in the car with me. We passed a large Tyson truck filled with white chickens in cages. I said “oh look at the chickens!” and proceeded to drive next to the truck so they could get a close up look. Then I saw the Tyson name and said “ohhhhh and you don’t want to know where they are going!” But they did want to know! So I told them and Aaden exclaimed “Ohhhh no! I wish I could take over them and take their place for them!!!”
That melted my heart, and I told him so!:(

4. When we got our bikes home last Friday night, I readied them for the kids to ride in the dark, because I had PROMISED to let them ride them as soon as we got home! As the kids were waiting patiently as I removed the plastic, one bike at a time, Joel walked up to Collin and said “hey Collin, is that one your bike?” And Collin replied in a happy passionate way saying “Yes it is! Isn’t it bee-u-tee-ful???”

Such thankful amazing kids! That made my day (not to mention the four thousand thank-you’s I received every hour on the hour for two days from all 8 for their bikes!)


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