Funny Things Kids Say

December 12, 2011

After Collin and Aaden showered tonight, I had a conversation with them.

Me: do you feel sick? (trying to figure out who is “next” to get sick)
Aaden: I feel healthy!
Collin: I feel clean!
Aaden: I feel like a cucumber!
Me: Um, how so?
Aaden: all clean and healthy!
Me: um, okay, goodnight!

Later tonight -
Mady was entertaining me and Cara as she often does at night when it’s just the three of us.

Mady said: oh I egg myself up!
Cara: don’t you mean “crack” yourself up?
Mady: nope, I meant egg!

And even later tonight:

Cara and Mady were massaging my back. They were asking if I could feel my stomach. I said “no” (since my tummy tuck).
Cara: Is that because they took out “feeling things?”
Mady: tentacles, duh!
Me: they are called nerves and it’s bedtime you silly girls!

Oh, I’m still cracking up as I write this… Or is that “egging up?”


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