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March 20, 2012

For some reason, Spring time sheds a whole new spot light on messes we’ve let go in our homes and on our property.This is long known as “spring cleaning.” For me, spring cleaning is not spring specific. If a mess in a given room or area strikes me, I’m on it like a leach (eww!)! If I cannot attack it instantly, it gets added to my mental list of “urgent: do soon!” The odd part is, though, that I can walk by a certain clutter clustration (a Kate-ism meaning a cluster of clutter in large proportions) and not be bothered until BAM the day strikes and it’s all gotta go! Anyway, I digress…

As winter approached, I had an old large shed relocated from our barn area to the area next to our garage. The kids needed an area to store their many bikes, scooters, balls, and outside toys – that’s a lot of play items when you have a large brood like mine! They had been tripping over vehicles and trash cans in the garage, the same way my cars had been narrowly missing the bikes, soccer balls, and wagons each time I pull in and out of the garage! In December, it was far too cold to be outside hanging things and assembling shelving, so I put it on the official spring cleaning list.

Garage, before!

This past Monday, the kids and I attacked the garage and shed and in four hours, we had an organized garage and a lovely toy shed assembled. We all felt accomplished and happy and went inside to eat lunch! Ahhhh, organized shed meant calm minds and happy play! And since the kids helped organize, that typically means they will likely keep the area cleaned up, which is an added bonus!

A very cute G Team is on the job

The organized shed, the new home for all out door toys!













As an example of more of an impromptu organizational project, I happened to stop at my discount grocery store the other day. I make a point of stopping every so often and especially when my juice box supply is low. So, because their stock is unpredictable, I put a stop on my schedule for “to do soon” and when I did, I was surprised to discover a gold mine of juice box supply!

I kicked into high gear and filled two carts to the hilt with various flavors and types of juice boxes. I also found a major bargain on organic canned soups… It was surely a day to stock up! Just $200 later, I was a very very satisfied customer! When I arrived home, I found my basement “freezer room” in disarray…. And that is when I knew I needed to attack! At 7pm, while my kids still played outside in our amazing spring like weather, I found two sets of shelves stacked in storage and quickly developed a plan to assemble shelving and organize all foods with expiration dates clearly visible, making the entire area more “store like.”

I often send my kids to the basement to get items we need so it was time to make everything plain and visible to help them in their search – or their “grocery shopping” as I call it when I send them for some items in the basement stock rooms!

Incoming! Lots of discount food! Yay!

Earlier in the evening, Collin had followed normal evening routine and had already showered and put his pajamas on, so he didn’t want to play outside….he was thrilled when I asked him to be my building and organizational buddy! As we built shelves together, his eyes lit up and he wriggled with excitement! “This is just like building Legos. Oh I love Legos mommy!” I agreed that Legos and shelves have a lot in common and reminded him how good he is at both! He moved cans and boxes and organized along with me like a grown man, for two complete hours!

When the other kids came in from playing, we were not quite done working so I sent them up for showers and to get into bed, and I allowed Collin to stay and finish. His pride soared…. The other kids… Well, they weren’t quite so happy! I needed Collin’s help but I allowed him to stay mainly because I know his personality is much like mine and he needed the satisfaction of finishing the job in order to feel “complete.” So, he stayed and helped me finish, we slapped five, and then off to bed my tired boy went!

The basement freezer room/"food stock room." I forgot to take a "before" photo, but trust me when I say this is a complete organizational make over!

I was so happy to organize that area that had been nagging at me for so long… It was one of those “clustrations” that needed attention… Now!

Overall, I’ve completed two spring projects…. Now onto 8 kid’s closets and the many wonderful bins of hand me downs that need to be assembled into their many drawers… Talk about a BIG job! I’m tired already… :)


UPDATE: On Sunday afternoon, we together accomplished our spring clothing switch over! So much getting done makes a happy mom and an organized house… Ahhh! I love it!

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