Halloween Candy Sale

November 4, 2011

Does this photo look familiar to you? If you have kids, it may.

Gosselin candy trading post!

This year, due to schedule and the unexpected Halloween blizzard, only Mady and Cara got to go Trick or Treating. They went with friends. I realized on Tuesday morning that they would each have a bag brimming with delicious candy and that the little kids wouldn’t have any!

SO – creative idea to the rescue! A friend suggested I have a candy hunt throughout the house and let them collect their candy in their Halloween pumpkins! What a genius!

I headed off to our local grocery store just before the bus stop to look for all of their favorites – Kit Kats, Reese’s cups, Blow Pops, peanut M&Ms, Milk Duds, Nerds and more!

I was thrilled to find ALL the Halloween candy on clearance since it was a day after Halloween and filled a basket for only $21 instead of $35-$40! What a bargain! Bargains make my heart sing and this find made me even more excited to carry out my plan!

Once we got home from the bus stop, Mady helped to hide the candy and once dinner was over, we all paraded to the basement for open season on candy hunting! What a huge hit! The squeals of joy emitted were so rewarding! Then up stairs for our typical Gosselin Candy Sale!

The process takes place like this:
Each child finds a spot on the floor or at the table to sort their candy. They make piles of each type of candy and then a pile of “for sale” candy. as Mady calls it. Mady even went so far as to make a “clearance” pile containing the least desirable sorts which she would “sell” for basically nothing! What can I say? A girl after her mothers heart! Gotta love clearance whether you’re selling or buying!
Since I had no candy to trade, I was only permitted to “shop” in her clearance pile! I did well though… Maybe a little TOO well?

The process continues… once piles are sorted, each child walks around and the mass bargaining begins!
“I’ll trade you this Snickers and this Milk Dud for your Reese’s pumpkin”
“No, I dont like Snickers but I’ll take a Kit Kat” …and so on…

It is SO fun to watch them work together peacefully even though it lasts for an hour! And it would last longer if I let it! It reminds me of good memories when I was a kid because my brother and sisters and I did the same thing.. Only this time it wasn’t my parents who were foraging for stray candy, it was ME! (yikes!)


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