Holiday Hubbub (How’s that for a “Not a Word”?)

December 9, 2011

Okay so I had to run to the mall today for some quick holiday stuff. I happen to despise malls – even on non-holiday days. Yes, little known fact about me. The traffic, congestion, people, noise, distractions (ohhhh the shoes!) all overstimulate me and so when I must enter the retail scene, I do it with great haste….to get outta there fast!

So as you can imagine, my great haste was much slowed down today by unusually insane drivers in the overcrowded parking lot, jolly list bearers with urgency behind their smiles and never enough sales personnel to help direct or answer everyone’s inquiries… This led to a frustrated me as I really just wanted to grab a quick thing and get out (darn those odd children’s Christmas list requests!:)!
Of all of the aforementioned observations, though, it was the parking lot that honestly scared me the most!

I noticed a woman on her cell phone as she backed out of her spot with a car filled to the brim with packages. Had she NOT been talking on the phone, I doubt she could have seen what was behind her! Ohhh dangerous!

I also noticed a woman who was carrying some very large bags with a small child walking next to her, crossing the street…

Oh my…people, be careful and don’t lose your heads with the holiday madness! Be safe!
That’s my advice to you… Shop safely this holiday season and may your packages elicit huge smiles from the ones you love!


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