In reply to the many requests to comment on the recent lawsuit filed on my behalf

August 29, 2013

I would like to offer the following statement:

What started out as a mission to find the source(s) of excessive internet bullying and hate directed towards me — proportions of hate that have led to an extremely inaccurate and untrue public perception of me and occurrences in my life — has ended with the filling of this lawsuit. It is a lawsuit that I feel is necessary in order to protect myself and my children both now and in the future.

My hope is that this process may also give others the courage to seek out and stand up against brazen and damaging “faceless” internet bullies and hold them accountable for their actions. The saddest part of this situation is the fact that the investigation to identify the source and those responsible for orchestrating this barrage of hate for their own financial gain, has ended where it has and with the individuals named in the court documents. At the beginning of this investigation I made the decision to take legal action against those found to be responsible and see no reason to change this decision now that the investigation has revealed those responsible are unfortunately so close to home.
-Kate Gosselin

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