Love is….

February 16, 2012

….tucking my eight perfectly healthy children into bed at night, knowing they are safe under my roof!
….taking a moment or two to enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee after I safely deliver my kids to the bus each morning!
….realizing that no matter what, I know that I can trust myself to make decisions that are right and good and in the best interest of my family.
…seeing the look on my kids faces when they came to their places at the table on Valentine’s Day morning…each place was covered with tokens of my love for them!
….teaching my kids right from wrong, and all of life’s important lessons…sometimes it’s tough… But then again, sometimes love IS tough!
….seeing excitement on my kids faces when they do well on a test that together we studied really hard for!
…hearing Mady sing a song  to me that she has been working on, on the way home from school bus pick up… Music to my ears, literally!
….watching Cara gently help the little kids with their math homework! She is so articulate and thorough; it amazes me!
….hearing Hannah or Leah ask “mommy, do you need help with anything?” wow!
….watching Alexis, without fail,  greet Shoka with a big hug and kiss, after a long school day!
….having three boys who, by nature, know how to help their mom around the house. They NEVER complain about feeding the chickens or taking the trash out…and help SO much!
….feeling free and happy while running outside, knowing that I made the time to do something for myself that I love so much! It feels so refreshing and rewarding… And serves to fill my “love cup” back up to the brim!
….creating and cooking wonderful hearty meals for my kids and then watching them enjoy it over (always!) entertaining dinner conversation!
….being a mom. Period. It’s all I ever wanted…..and I am content…
…….now that is L❤VE!



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