Marathon: So Close it’s Scary…

December 3, 2011

I woke up this morning and the first gripping thought on my mind was “oh my gosh, it’s for real – the marathon is TOMORROW! No more days of padding to keep my nerves in check. It’s for real and I’m running it!”

It felt really real last night when I attended the kick off party with the Competitor Group who owns and runs the Las Vegas Marathon as well as many others across the country and abroad (Madrid ’12, sign me up!!) They are a passionate and energetic group of people who are determined to increase the health of the population while funding worthy charitable causes like the Chrons and Colitis foundation which this years Las Vegas marathon will benefit. Having met them all and admitting I am running the full marathon made it sink in: this is happening!

I realized last night after the party that I am NOT scared that I won’t finish, but I am scared of the pain because I know how bad it will hurt! Whew! Thank goodness for Rod Dixon, New Zealand Olympic runner and 1983 New York Marathon Winner, who I met at the party last night! He gave me great advice about how to run the race and told me that “finishing is winning in your first marathon.” I appreciate those wise words.

I’m taking it seriously and decided to begin my carb loading this morning at breakfast…. Check out this plate! I know it’s not pasta, but that is on the menu for tonight… Which will be followed by pizza after the marathon is in the bag…

Who ever would have thought that I’d be running a marathon? Certainly not me, but it’s amazing where life leads you if you’re willing to live passionately! If I can do this, anyone can! Moms, lace up your running shoes… You can do this too! It’s not necessarily about running a full marathon, it’s about pushing yourself  to finish YOUR race, whether that be 2 miles or 26.2. All it takes is commitment and determination and you can win too!

Remember, winning is finishing!


PS – I thank each and every one of you for all of your love and support to get me to this point. Your belief in me is greater than my belief in myself – and that alone amazes me! Thank you!

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