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October 13, 2011

Dear Kate-

AHHHH finally!!!! I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting, for some of your homemade “secret” recipes!!! Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!! They sound delish, and super easy!!!

Hope you’re able to do a cookbook soon, but for now I’ll be looking foward to Monday blogs!!

From Southern PA,

Hi Kay-
YAY! I have gotten amazing email responses from many people happy that menu Monday has started! As often as I can get to my computer or phone to write out my recipes, you’ll see them on Menu Monday!

Hope everyone there has enjoyed the newest dinner creations that we are enjoying here!
And don’t forget – make two casseroles (cheesy chicken rice casserole), so you can freeze one! I just served the second of mine last night for dinner and got even MORE “yuuuum” comments this time! Score for mom – woo hoo!

I am still working on a cook book…. A long labor of love! :)


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