Riveting Topic Alert: dusting between glass oven panels!

April 19, 2012

The other day I tweeted that I discovered a way to clean between the glass panels of my oven doors! You all responded asking “HOW?” Here’s my invention…

For a long time, I’ve noticed the dust build up, specifically at 4:30 pm while making dinner each day. That is precisely when the sun comes through the large kitchen windows and hits the dusty panels, putting them in the spot light. I had had enough… So, on Monday (I think it was), I decided I wouldn’t cook dinner another day distracted by this dusty nonsense!

SO, I took a bendy “drain snake” that I think I bought at Target a long time ago in the plumbing department (see photo) and I attached a Dry Swiffer to the end of it. The drain snake (sounds like something all women should be afraid of.. Like the “swamp thing,” doesn’t it?) has a Velcro like “grabby” end to it, so the Dry Swiffer stays attached.

I then opened my ovens and fed the snake with Swiffer on its end up between the panels!
It was quick and easy and oh so effective!
Hope you have the same dust free luck!
Email me if and when it works for you! I want to hear your stories too!




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