School During Spring Break…?!

March 6, 2012

Our spring break comes really early each year. Usually, we have plans to travel somewhere. This year, it snuck up on me and with other obligations, doctor appointments and whatever else, I realized we would be spending time at home, playing… Oh and did I mention sleeping in? Yes, an extra two hours of sleep in the morning is a vacation in and of itself! I made some mental plans for fun things to carry out this week but the kids have suddenly developed an amazing plan all on their own!

On Sunday afternoon after church, they all disappeared into the basement and stayed there (happily and quietly!) for hours! When they returned, I learned that they had set up two classrooms with Mady and Cara being the teachers! Each class had three students! How divinely perfect! They finished the curriculum books that Cara and Mady had bought for their brothers and sisters for Christmas and had full school schedules that were actually educational – and fun!

Mady teaches Joel as Aaden and Alexis follow along at their desks.

Whenever my kids find an activity that includes all of them, I like to support it because they literally play happily for hours! On this occasion, not only was it fun, but also education based! I was totally on board to support this effort! In the past, they’ve spent days building Legos as a group, then it was dress up and pageants (yes, eww I stayed away!) where the girls dressed up and learned routines and the boys judged! Lol!

Cara teaches Collin

I ran out and bought more and more Lego sets as each creation was built! An expensive hobby, but each added piece was building teamwork skills amongst my kids too! I had dresses made as Christmas presents to add to their costume collection (using clearance fabric from Walmart) in an effort to support their pageant phase! I even found some cute dress up heels online to wrap for Christmas morning! So fun to surprise them with such “fitting” gifts!

"School" is even complete with special rewards and prizes for good work!

So, since school seemed to be the newest trend in Gosselin group play, I decided to take Mady and Cara to Target last night to buy MORE curriculum books and large dry erase boards for their classrooms! And, since this also had educational value, as an incentive, I offered a Chinese takeout, icecream and movie party on the last night before spring break ends if at least half of each curriculum book was completed by then!

My personal favorite! Miss Cara and Miss Mady even thought to make a "bathroom pass!" :)

In all, I think each “student” now has four books to keep them busy! It will take many hours of school to complete them so they are working hard as I type this! Keeping those math and reading skills sharpened over spring break versus rotting in front of the tv is this moms dream come true! I’m so proud of my kids ability to get along, solve problems, learn and imagine all by their own creation! Overall, I invested a total of $60 for supplies and maybe another $70 for the aforementioned celebration and in return I will possibly receive a week long break from “I’m bored,” “I’m hungry,” and “she’s hitting me!”

Ahhh…. Peace and quiet!

But don’t worry, I’m a realist! I know at any minute it may all end…. Isn’t it true moms? The minute you stop to enjoy how nice, quiet and peaceful the kids are, that’s the EXACT minute

it all goes south?

On that note, and before I jinx it all… subject change necessary…… Nice weather we’re having here today……
Here’s hoping it’s a harmonious day at your house too… These are the days that being a mom makes my heart smile extra much!


PS: Apparently, I’m the “lunch lady” of the school… Who would have guessed?

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