Meet our very furry member of our family, Shoka. We could only guess how he feels living in a house full of suffocating overly loving kids! We don't have to wonder any longer... You can read Shoka's thoughts as documented by me right here on his very own "Shoka Diaries" page! Hope it brings a smile to your face the same way he lights up our lives....

Shoka’s Second Blog

October 5, 2011

Dear Humans,

It may sound odd, but if you enclose me inside, and I would rather be outside enjoying the fresh air – the smell of dead animals I’ve hunted, the farmers’ cows’ poo poo, or the scent of the deer that play out front. I’ll just help myself, slide the glass door open, and let myself out! No big deal, I know you’re all busy, trust me. I live here and see the chaotic commotion all day, every day! So, don’t mind me, I have it all figured out!

Oh, did you switch the lock to keep me in on rainy days and at night? Funny, I hadn’t noticed – I’ll just flip it the other way before nudging the door back a crack and then sticking my nose in the little slit until it’s open enough for me to slip out.

There’s just one thing – just like the kids – I leave the doggone door open every time!

Dogs! Ya can’t live with us, but I know you can’t live without us!


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