I'll post some of your inspirational emails here!

words from fans

Hi Nikki -

Thank you for telling me that I am encouraging… It encouraged me in return! I really am just like you… I’m tired,stressed, worried, poured out, and so on, but I am full of love for my kids, like you, and that keeps me going, like you.

I’m glad I was given the platform in the form of tv to encourage moms and women alike to just keep going and do your best, always always always! Hang in there, Nikki! You’re doing the best job in the world and you only get one chance to form those little lives into wonderful happy productive people! ;)



Dear Kate,

I realize how busy you are, so I won’t take much of your time here. I just wanted to take a quick second to tell you that, even though you don’t know why mothers cry when you’re signing books for them, you are truly an inspiration to emotionally struggling mothers across the nation! I myself find myself turning to you, in a way, when I feel like I’ve had enough. You keep me going without even knowing it! I went through something strikingly similar to what you went through (except with one baby and no cameras catching every second of it, haha). From pre-term labor to, now single, young mom of 24. We think very alike! I wish I could meet you and pick your brain apart (in the most polite way possible, of course!).

If you ever find yourself in my area and have a few moments to spare, getting to sit with you, minus the cameras and nosey people, to just chat with you would be a pleasure of my life! I live in a cute but humble place, you’re more than welcome to it any time! Thank you for taking the time to read my little letter of praise! Keep doing what you’re doing!

Nikki B.