Tea Party & Lego 8th Birthday Party!

May 29, 2012


girls cake (boys did Lego cupcakes..their cake didn't turn out so well)

Hannah, Alexis and Leah with their Tea Party friends!

Aaden, Joel and Collin with their Lego buddies

A tea party it is! It was complete with mini finger foods served on mini dishes!

The tea party menu chosen, made and listed by Mady. Even manners at a tea party were reviewed.. Including the need to "hold your pinkie up" while drinking tea!

Mady was so happy to carry out her plan and be in charge! She was a gracious hostess and did a fine job! She even hand washed all the mini dishes by herself afterwards and willingly helped clean up!

Hannah, Leah and Alexis beam with happiness as they celebrate with their first ever "girls only" cake! (boys had done their cake and ice cream, piñata and Lego craft with Cara and adult supervisors by the time I was finished taking pictures upstairs! Geesh!)

This is where the boys wanted to be: in the pool! I couldn't blame them... It was HOT!

Both parties reunited in the pool at the end.. The moms were already there enjoying the shade of the umbrella and "chat time" with one another...it was a great day!

...and then we opened gifts! They received very exciting and generous gifts from their friends! The day was truly one to remember!

A Happy gift opener...

More very happy gift openers...

*** special thanks: to Mady and Cara for your excitement in planning and running your little brothers and sisters birthday party! You impressed your mom and “your” little kids immensely! The love you displayed won’t soon be forgotten by any of us!***


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