Who’s The Boss?

November 1, 2011

Over the years, as the kids have gotten older, they have mainly taken over the feeding and watering of the chickens, who reside in our barn. Early on, Collin was named the “chicken farmer” and primarily does the chicken care. Aaden and Joel help him and from time to time the girls also go along on the daily trek to the barn.

Each day when the kids return, I ask them, “Are all waters filled? Are all feeders filled?” The answer is always “yes”. However, when I go down to the barn to do an inspection, typically I’m finding a different situation! They are kids learning responsibility so I tried to be patient as I explained and re-explained the importance of being thorough, doing the job well, caring effectively for our chickens who so kindly supply us with eggs,  and reporting accurate information! How to handle this situation best and correct this problem?? Very recently I had a brainstorm!

While sorting out who would do the chicken care one day, I assigned two “workers” – Collin and Aaden and then I assigned a “BOSS” – Joel. The role of the workers were to feed and water the chickens and collect the eggs. The role of the BOSS was to supervise and report if all of the work had been completed properly!

This has been a huge hit at my house and has become a daily trend! My girls, who have long considered the chickens and the barn “boys work,” are now offering to  join in the chicken effort, if only as the BOSS, but at least they are willing! Hannah and Mady specifically enjoy this role (imagine that!) and I’ve allowed them to assume the role a time or two!
Mainly though, it remains the boys job and they rotate BOSS position, which they thoroughly enjoy!
The information I’m receiving is more accurate now that there is a BOSS watching and the job is getting done because the “workers” are being held accountable! Problem solved!
And who in life doesn’t like to be the BOSS?


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