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Your Wonderful Twitter questions Answered

August 24, 2012

1. @Alexandraaa_m: @Kateplusmy8 If you had the chance to take your kids anywhere in the world where would you take them?
A: That is a very very hard choice! Top of my list is: South Africa, Ireland and The Netherlands. But if you ask my kids, they all have an obsession with visiting Paris, so add that at the top! They LOVE to travel and see the world! :)

2. @JessNWheeler: @Kateplusmy8 What is your best baby weight loss tip?
A: Put your baby or toddler in the stroller and push all that weight and start walking then running while pushing it! It gives you something to hold onto, and adds extra calorie burn because you’re pushing weight (uphills are even more beneficial!). I began that way before my tummy tuck and I figured out I was pushing nearly 200 pounds of kids and (six seater) stroller! Best jump start I could have done!:) Good luck! You can do this!

3. @angelamomto4: @Kateplusmy8 are you making a cookbook?
A: I am still working on my cook book! I am adding new unique recipes all the time and when it’s complete, I hope it’s a book that will feel like a recipe and a family picture book so that it makes those of you who love to cook even more excited to cook and those of you who don’t like to cook will learn to enjoy it while lots of cute faces smile up at you!;)

4. @FansSammiSweeth: @Kateplusmy8 what happened to twist of Kate?
A: My contract actually expired before TLC could decide on a show concept. There were many ideas but it just ran out of time!:(
No worries, more to come in the future

5. @chigg_99: @Kateplusmy8 how do you fill in your day now that your babies are back at school?
A: This is only my second day and so far I’ve been playing “catch up” – you know, working on projects I’ve fallen behind on (answering your questions, paperwork and errands!)!

6. @siggyelizabeth: @Kateplusmy8 GM Kate! Drinking my starbucks coffee from home. What kind is your favorite?
A: My three favorite coffees for my favoritest Keurig (did I spell Keurig wrong again?) coffee maker:
1. Wolfgang Puck Breakfast In Bed because it’s a light mild blend for first cup of the morning! Great for beginner coffee drinkers too! :)
2. Starbucks Blonde veranda roast- Finally a mild blend from Starbucks that is delicious in every way!
3. Green Mountain coffee – Breakfast blend is my favorite but I routinely stock their half caff (for after 3 or 4 pm because I guess I’m getting old or something, lol) and their decaf for after 7 pm. Just realized I’m out of decaf so I’m adding a stop at Bed Bath & Beyond (with a coupon, of course!) to grab some today!

7. @bernie22303: @Kateplusmy8 What would you say is the most important lesson you’ve learned in life (up to this point anyway)!
A: There are truly so many lessons that I’ve learned so far in life, I’m not sure I can pick ONE. My upcoming book will cover them all so I’ll let it do the detailed talking…
But since you asked, my main lesson that I’ve learned has to be “keep on keeping on.” It’s best explained in my own words like this -
Anyone can let life beat them down to the point where they eventually won’t get back up, and trust me, it’s very tempting. But every one of us has the ability to dig really really deep and find that determination and resilience within us to keep on getting back up, each and every single time. The reward of such is that each time, you come back better and stronger. That alone keeps me going….and almost makes me say “bring it on!”

8. @The21stQuinn: @Kateplusmy8 Will you ever come to Texas?! I really want to meet you!!!! And Yes, I am the one with 22 siblings! :)
A: I have been to many parts of Texas many times! I’d love to visit again! I have always said that Texas seems to be our “biggest fan state!” Lotsa love comes from there straight to us, so thanks!
I am still amazed that you have such a HUGE family! But I guess what they say is true, huh? Everything is bigger in Texas!:) XO I’d love to meet you!

9. @TinaxDD: @Kateplusmy8 I love your kids soo much! who is the oldest Cara or Madelyn?
A: Cara is older by six minutes and she won’t let you forget it! They were born “naturally” not via C section and so once my adorable sweet baby Cara was born, for the first time I realized what “two of everything” really meant because I had to do the work all over again and six minutes later my tiny precious Madelyn was born!
One of the absolute top best days of my life!:) XO

10. @connersmommy2: @Kateplusmy8 how do the kids handle the paparazzi now that they are older? #sneakypictakers
A: Fortunately, we are no longer besieged on a daily basis by paparazzi so it’s not a daily worry anymore.
However, my kids are very “street smart” and will immediately tell me when a bystander is snapping pictures on their cell phones.

Secretly snapping pictures makes us feel as if paparazzi is present and invading our privacy too, believe it or not!
I know no harm is meant by you guys, our FANS and we love you too, but if you want to help,  ALWAYS ASK FOR A PICTURE! I’LL NEVER SAY NO!
Please don’t assume that quickly snapping one (or ten) is “less of a bother.” We have trained eyes so we see it and it bothers my kids especially!

You’re NEVER a bother, you’re our supporters and we’d love to meet you and take a pic with you! All you gotta do is ask!:) XO

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