38 Blessings on this, my 38th Birthday…

kate Lần cập nhật cuối: 28 Tháng Ba, 2013

I know my life to this point has been insanely unpredictable, very blessed, often emotionally draining and stressful beyond the norm, yet completely lived without regrets (despite many mistakes and learning curves), more than my fair share of amazing memories and with so many more gr8 years to come!

Here are 38 of the things I’m most gr8ful for, in no particular order (other than my kids, of course!):

1. Cara Nicole, my oldest child, who turns 13 this year! She is my steadfast right hand helper! Full of love, compassion and help! Light years older than her age! Amazing!

2. Madelyn Kate, my other oldest child, born 6 minutes after her sister. She also will turn 13 this year! Intuitive, strong, charismatic and understanding! This girl’s maturity floors me daily!

3. Alexis Faith – our comedy relief! She can make me laugh on the worst of days!

4. Hannah Joy – little momma keeps ME in line.. And everyone else!

5. Aaden Jonathan – quiet, sweet and loving but ALL boy!

6. Collin Thomas – Mr. Math himself! On days I’m not quick enough, he’s waiting to take over the reigns here!

7. Leah Hope – still tiny (and growing!) but oh so mighty and she WILL be heard! Make no mistake!

8. Joel Kevin – My easy, happy, funny boy who’s a loving friend to all!

9. Shoka Joe – What can I say about our furry boy? He keeps me company and guards his family with pride and love!

10. Our health – I CAN get up everyday and do my best. I don’t ever forget how different it could be. Beyond that, my kids, although all were preemies, are 100% healthy. Praise God!

11. Our home – Not a day goes by that we don’t pull up to our house without SOMEONE voicing their appreciation for our chunk of the world that we get to call home!

12. Our closest family and friends (you know who you are), who have weathered the many storms with us and continue loyally by our sides. There are no words for this rare type of love and support.

13. ALL of my life experiences up to this point. Good or bad, everything we face in life teaches us something and prepares us for a better future.

14. Weekend sleep in’s – there are just not enough of these ever, but trust me, not a ONE happens without my stopping to be thankful for it! Oh how I love to sleep!

15. Gum – if you know me, you know my love of all kinds of gum!

16. My kids, as a group. All the crazy loudness, confusion, fighting and our big family team approach to life. I wouldn’t want it any other way! My cup is full and running over!:)

17. Running – its my steam eliminator and my (almost) daily brain storm sessions. The greatest ideas come to me while I’m running (almost to the point where I feel like pausing to write them down) and the stress just melts away!

18. The Sky – Days when I look up and see a vibrant blue sky with big white puffy clouds! Instantly, I’m calm and happy! I call that “my sky” meaning, it’s my favorite sky. My kids point it out too and we marvel together! What a beautiful world we live in!

19. My God – He is to thank for everything! Our shield and our shelter!

20. Positivity – We have two choices in life: to see the glass half full or to see it half empty. Every day, every situation gives us the opportunity to CHOOSE how we respond to things that come our way. It’s taken me most of my life, 🙂 but I choose and will always choose the “half full” approach! Anyone can give up but not everyone can continue on, no matter how empty their glass may appear! Yay positive approach to life!!!

21. Organization – my brain thrives on order and systems. I LOVE readjusting the system and problem solving for the best result!

22. My nursing education – I have used it in the work place and I have used it in my own life raising my kids. Education is knowledge and knowledge is power!

23. Travel – my kids and I have been able to see so much of the world together. Travel is something we all enjoy and do with relative ease (yes, I did mean to type that). We’ve got it down to a science and we love looking forward to our next adventure together!

24. Our barn full of chickens – what started out as a fun little idea/project, has turned into an organic egg egg-stravaganza and learning opportunity for my kids. By caring for farm animals, kids learn responsibility, pride in a job well done, and how to care for others. These skills are the first steps on the road to responsible dependable adults. Beyond the daily obvious chicken care, I also love our family based “problem solving” approach we have developed whenever something happens in the barn that we don’t know (yet!) how to fix! Somehow it always works out! Love it!

25. Modern Technology – where would I be without my phone? It’s my “disconnected brain” and it keeps me sane! It’s the secret to my organized existence! I also can’t imagine not being able to reach my kids at all times! On a more serious note, I never forget that without modern technology, my sextuplets may not be here today! I may not be computer savvy and up to the moment where technology is concerned but I feel completely blessed to live in “modern times” nonetheless!

26. Coffee – how in the world did I not think of this one sooner? It’s what lures me out of bed each morning! Well, that and my many hungry kids! Hang on, gotta go make a cup….

27. Driving – I love to drive and I love car trips with my kids too, but there’s just something about driving alone that gives me that ability to calm down, listen to music and solve problems. Whether the driver or the passenger,  I’ve always loved adventures in the car… Since I was little and took fishing trips to Canada each summer with my beloved Grandparents. Golden memories!

28. Seems appropriate to mention my favorite number: 8
I’m definitely number oriented so I definitely have a favorite one! And, btw, I’ve ALWAYS liked the number 8, even before I was the mom of 8! (and, this is MY list, so yes, I am even allowed to mention that I’m grateful for a NUMBER!)

29. Saving Money – I still get excited (like extremely) when I get a really great bargain on pretty much anything! A penny saved is truly a penny earned! And, it makes me happy!!

30. YOU! If you’re reading this, chances are, you’ve contributed some support and love to myself and my family. No one can fight life’s battles alone. Everyone needs support and I thank you for YOURS! XO!

31. Spa time..ok so I don’t really recall what this type of relaxation feels like, so I’ll just say that anytime I get to take a shower in peace and at a pace other than lightening speed, I consider it  my version of “spa time” and appreciate it a lot! Enough said!

32. Warmth – I’m perpetually freezing cold (more than the average person, so I’ve been told) so thick fluffy warm blankets and heated seats in my car are things that I do not take for granted, ever!

33. Music – I listen to a very varied range of music. Music can lift me up on a low day and it can motivate me to move faster. It often brings a smile to my face as my kids and I dance while we clean up dinner together!

34. Love – it makes the world go round. It is a real emotion, the most powerful emotion and that powerful feeling makes the impossible possible, the unheard of, happen and the dreamt, reality!

Almost there… Keep thinking, Kate!!!

35. Summer time – My favorite season of the year! I am truly a hot weather girl (see # 32 if you have any inquiries as to why) and I long for the late mornings, relaxed schedule, endless pool time, barbecues on our grill, late bed time, extra time with my kids and exciting summer adventures! Oh, and did I mention, NO homework?! Yeah, bring it on!!!

36. Work! Writing, TV and Speaking Projects – otherwise, with no outlet, my creative juices would drive us all crazy! On a more serious note, work means the ability to provide for my kids and that is the ultimate reason that I push myself so hard to succeed. As parents, isn’t that why we ALL work SO hard? No one said life is easy, but for this reason, I find that it’s SO worth it!

37. Cooking!  One of my gr8est passions! I’m happiest in my kitchen and cooking is definitely one of the ways that I show my kids my love! There is NOTHING like eight full smiling mouths at my dinner table! And yes, it’s definitely possible to smile (politely) with a full mouth!!!

38. My newest exciting news! If you haven’t yet heard, my cookbook, Love Is In The Mix is finally available for pre order right here on my site!

And there you have it. Didn’t think I could find 38 reasons to be grateful? I may have had some doubts along the way too, but let’s face it, I was up to number 8 before even having to think about it! Lol!


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