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May 17, 2013

1. Q:
A: Hi Alicia – CWS was SUPER fun! I realized just how scheduled my life HAS to be because I have many kids and with “just” one, I was able to relax a bit, still instilling important guidelines and structure but I didn’t have to divide my time… Which I’ve never experienced as a mom! It was refreshing for sure but I did miss the “busy-ness” of my house with my eight kids! :)

2. Q: What does your workout schedule look like during a typical week? And what part of the day do you prefer to do your workouts?
- Cynthia
A: My workout schedule looks like it always has: I run when I have time and as much as I have time for. I squeeze it in and make it a priority because it IS one of my priorities. A healthy happy mom is a better mom! :)

3. Q: What is your favorite healthy (possibly energizing) on the go snack for Mom & kids? Like most Moms I am rushing here & there with my kids a lot! It’s really difficult to decide on a healthy snack for  crazy busy days. (Kind words)
A: Hi Jess. Good question. I plan ahead for snacking because its really easy to grab something quick when I’m on the go and usually quick means unhealthy. I pack veges and hummus and also pre-prepare my “K8 salads” in reusable restaurant containers so I can grab them to eat on the run if I miss a meal! Otherwise a protein bar works or a handful of almonds is yummy too!

A: Hi! Just know that I’m always working on fun stuff behind the scenes… You’ll just have to wait and see! Very exciting…

5. Q:
So as a single divorced parent. Sometimes the dating world seems very overwhelming. What are the top 3 qualities you look for in a prospective date?
A: Hi Mark. If I had time to think about it, I’d let you know. Unfortunately, all my time and energy goes to my kids..and still there’s not enough of me! If I ever meet the man with the perfect qualities, I’m sure I’ll know it when our noise and chaos doesn’t scare him off instantly! Lol!

6. Q: Did you and your kids watch your show while it was on?
A: Hi Kaitlyn – Sometimes we watched our show, yes. Mainly the kids have always watched it on DVD and still do… Almost daily! Fun times! Great memories!

7. Q: My 5 1/2 year old son has severe food issues and will not try anything new – do you have any tips on how to get him to eat?
A: Hi Michelle – Be creative and don’t give up! Just because he doesn’t like something, keep putting it on his plate and encouraging him to try it. Make meals fun, for example, make a face lunch using a banana sliced length wise for the smile, two peanutbutter cracker sandwiches for the eyes and a baby carrot or two for the nose! Can make raisin eyebrows etc. Fun and flavorful and persistence are the keys! Hope this helps!

8a. Q:  Did any of the sextuplets turn out left handed? I know you are and Mady too.
A: Hi Rebecca. No. Only “lefties” are Mady and me!
8b. Q:  Are you ever coming back to TV (other than Wife Swap)? Can’t you do kind of like you did with “Surviving Sextuplets and Twins”, a little recap for us whom miss you guys!?
-Rebecca from Sweden
A: I’m sure we will “come back to tv” at some point when we can fit it into our schedule, lol! :) I know you miss us. We miss sharing our lives with you too! We are still here doing what we’ve always done, minus the cameras, at the moment! Thanks for your support!

9. Q. How do you raise eight children to be confident and believe in themselves while growing up in a society, where children especially, are constantly being judged by their peers and sometimes in a negative way. I know many children have a difficult time to be confident in themselves because even at the age of 9, can be affected by the negative tone of other children.
A: Hi Courtney. Being a parent is hard work in every way but I find it especially difficult in the “emotional/relating to peers and others” department! Sounds like you do too! I don’t think we are alone. Focus on the positive:  It IS difficult to help kids grow up confidently. I try to build my kids up, discuss their unique strengths and positive qualities. I constantly stress being KIND to others, being a friend and building others up  no matter what.

Empathy: Figuring yourself out and how you fit in with others is very difficult (I remember being young and how hard it was). I try to remember how I felt and give good solid advice on how to handle a peer situation.

Support and Listening and Love: We discuss scenarios at length at home and the bottom line to my kids is always: be kind to others no matter what. I also remind them that I am here to work through issues with them and that NOTHING they tell me will ever change my love for them. This helps them to feel safe to discuss any and every issue. I also stress our “team family approach” to problems. We are a unit and one of our struggles is ALL of our struggles. We listen and help each other. They know that home and Mommy is their safe haven to be themselves and I’m here. Together, we will figure life out for the best results for everyone. Remember too, that kids aren’t always asking for a solution to their every problem. Sometimes they just need an empathetic, kind and loving listening ear (I have learned this the hard way, lol.).

Final Thought: Doing our best as parents is the most important thing: modeling a  good example, our presence and validation for their thoughts, feelings and fears makes all the difference! Just my thoughts. Hope this helps!

10. Q: What is your favorite Starbucks splurge?
How do you like your coffee? Sugar and creme?
A: Hello, Brooke! Oh how I LOVE talking about coffee…in fact, just reading your question made me yearn for a cup! My favorite (and only) Starbucks drink is: a tall skinny vanilla latte with two Splenda sweeteners. The only thing I really change is that during the warmer weather, I’ll order it cold versus hot. But what a treat! I only allow it once a week or two!

11. Q: Hi Kate my question is:
I would love to see you do a cooking show. With your new (preordered for Mothers day) cookbook coming out in September, have you thought about doing a cooking show? Or even just making and selling a DVD ? You are amazing and have changed my life. Thank you!
A: Hmmm.. A cooking show? Like a real one, not just me cooking dinner and my kids calling it a cooking show? I’ll never rule out anything and maybe at some point…. I love to cook and cameras clearly don’t bother me (lol) so I can see why you’d wonder about that :)! Sounds fun!

12. Q: Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell us if we have something to look forward to….like seeing you all back on TV SOON??????!!!!!!!!!!  We MISS y’all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ; )
A: Hi Jaymee – seems like I answer this question a lot. Stay tuned. I’ll tell you what’s coming as soon as I can….. :) Thanks for watching and following and caring! XO

13. Q:  I try so hard to eat healthy and feed the kids healthy also. We’re out on the road a lot between dance, cheer, church, etc.. And have to go thru drive thru often. There never seems to be healthy options. When u are out and about, and have to grab a bite, what type of drive thru do you go in and what options do u choose?
A: Hi Sarah – We don’t do fast food. I pack fresh home made snacks and meals if I have to. We DO do Chipotle (if that is considered fast food) because its all local organic and fresh ingredients and is pretty healthy. Otherwise, I pack ahead for all of us. With a little practice, I am betting you’d find packing even faster than fast food! A challenge for you!:) Good luck!

14. Q: Can you tell us how the chickens are doing?  Do you still use your little chicken coop?  About how many eggs do you/ kiddos collect in a day?  Oh – And how many chickens do you have? Do you feed them all organic?
A: Great question, Yvonne! The chickens are doing wonderfully! We have about 45-50 chickens and we get 2-3 dozen eggs daily! We eat lots of eggs and give (would love to start selling some too) lots away… We feed our chickens strictly organically and even the table scraps (chickens LOVE them) we feed them are only organic! Chickens are great “pets,” great source of food, and teach life lessons in responsibility so they get the total thumbs up from me (except when I have to haul 300 pounds of chicken feed down to the barn about every 5 weeks or so!)!

There you have it! Sorry it took me so long to get these answered! I was inundated with email questions! I’ll let you know when I’m taking more questions so you can flood my inbox again!

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