Meet our very furry member of our family, Shoka. We could only guess how he feels living in a house full of suffocating overly loving kids! We don't have to wonder any longer... You can read Shoka's thoughts as documented by me right here on his very own "Shoka Diaries" page! Hope it brings a smile to your face the same way he lights up our lives....

Shoka Diaries

May 14, 2013

Oh woof! It’s getting warmer outside and along with whole new array of furry animals to chase (and uh, nibble on when no one is looking) that also means loud rolling annoying machines rolling through MY grass every week. See, I got a problem with things with engines, that move – on the driveway of MY area and on the grass.

My smallest humans used to drive a little fleet of mini moving play cars up and down and up and down the driveway and I thought they were chasing me… So I chased them back and then they chased me more. And this scared the tail off me.
I think my paws got in the way a couple a times because those moving cars driven by my mini drivers would hurt me and keep on going! Not on purpose, just little human drivers and accidents! Who can blame them? So, ever since then, I NEED to bark my lungs out at ANYTHING that rolls – anywhere! You know, just trying to keep my people safe so their paws, I mean feet, don’t get hurt too!

So, this time of year, while the smells of summer are glorious, the noise and tires I must endure are NOT! My humans bring me inside when I bark too much and even though the rolling machines hurt my ears and alarm me, bringing me inside in-FUR-iates me! I want to be outside in the sun so I can em-bark on my many canine missions! This ain’t an inside kinda dog here! Know what I mean?

My non-furry mom tries to explain that there’s nothin’ to be all barked up about, but I just can’t lie there and sleep with wheels rolling by me…

There’s no good solution for it. All in a dog’s life? Arf!
Any dog out there share my fear of rolling wheels? Yelp!



February 13, 2013

Hold the applause. I know I'm cute.. But thank goodness this pic isn't "scratch n sniff!"

Well, I guess it’s been a howl of a long time since I’ve posted my thoughts here. Sorry about that. I’ve been hunting, gettin’ into trouble, defending my dinner against possums and tending to my non-furry family. But, besides all that, I had to give a “bark out” about  my recent run in with a very intriguing black and white animal my people called a “skunk.”

I was lying around, doing my usual business – barking at my family as they left early one morning to catch the big yellow car – when I saw IT. A black and white animal wobbling along. I, naturally, followed it. It led me on quite a doggone chase! And, since I mentioned doggone, when I looked up, I was! I had left home and didn’t know where I was! Ohhhh not again….

Next thing I know, I sniffed myself and I must admit, to this dog, I smelled real nice… But to the man who picked me up along the road (and looked at my collar to see WHO I was and WHERE I belonged), I could tell this smell was NOT good! I was gonna be in T-R-O-U-B-L-E! So, I put on my best “puppy dog eyes” to tail waggingly greet my person when she pulled up in the big black car…Oh, I didn’t care about being in trouble – I was safe!!!!
My non furry human mom, opened the back door, while shaking her head (for the record, she had a loving half smile on her face – I saw it!)  and thanked the man who “got” me, and I obediently hopped in. My non-furry human mom mentioned many times during our short ride home how VERY badly I smelled… Yep, just as I had suspected. Thought I smelled good, but this mom is always right, and she was NOT impressed!
Once home, she was on the phone…. It was cold outside but I was okay… I wouldn’t want to make my family smell my not-so-good “cologne” so I waited patiently on my warm bed on the front porch.

Next, my man, Rick appeared! Oh, I love that guy!!! (He’s the non-furry human dad of my girlfriend, Inka, who I have regular play dates with.. But not before Rick and his people bathe me and fluff me! Gotta look good for my girl!)! I heard him talking to my non-furry mom and he said something about a BATH…. So, with my head hung, I hopped into his truck…but first, he did something very strange! He took off his sweatshirt and put it ON ME! My non furry mom took a picture and said how cute I was! Oh, humans! The way they look at me… you’d think I was a canine cover model!

Anyway, once I was clothed, I hopped into Ricks truck for another adventure! Hours later, I returned home smelling “human approved” and a bit flowery, if I must say so myself! But hey, I aim to fleas… Oh, I meant please! My personal pack of humans came pouring out the front door to greet me with hugs and kisses and lotsa sniffs! I guess my Rick did a wonderful job because the front door opened and in I went!
I found my usual spot inside the front door where I lazily laid my freshly fluffy self on my favorite rug and was covered by my many small non-furry brothers and sisters! After being handed many healthy oatmeal milk bone snacks, they proceeded with their evening routine of using ME for their oversized living “dog bed”  and I’ll tell you what, I lapped up the love and adoration as any good dog would!!!

Seriously dogs, does life get any better than this??!