Memory Monday

July 1, 2013

Memory Monday!

Look at our new trucks! My boys were so excited about these new really big trucks! This was winter 2006/2007. They were just about 3 years old.

Little mommies! All five girls were playing baby-- a common past time in our house, even today. Alexis must have been off putting Buggy down for a nap... The girls are 6 and almost 3 here.

Leah was at the 'door knob height' at age 3. She was little and always bumped her head on door knobs.. I wanted to remember her 'littleness' and now I'm really glad I snapped this. That little adorable face is just a memory now.. But wow do I wish I could go back and hug that little cuteness again!

Cara was always such a little mommy...hugging our cute-as-could-be little Aaden (in his first pair of glasses)! If those two aren't just precious?!

Collin has always loved to draw! He was constantly drawing me pictures on these boards and the only way to save them was to take a's his octopus at age 4. I'm so glad I have this now!! Look at the kissable little face! :)

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