September 3, 2013

We received these amazing swim suits from

I was asked by this growing company to “try them out” — or my boys were, rather.Over Labor Day weekend — the last weekend of summer, my boys happily put on their new super stylish and super “big boy” looking swim suits and headed out to dive into the pool for one of their final swims of the season. They were thrilled by the bright colors, the soft and comfortable feel, AND by the “no net” lining of their new swim suits! In fact, I heard them telling their sisters how “soft the suits were on the inside.”

As a mom, I also love the bright colors (and the seemingly endless color choices available on the website — makes keeping track of “whose is whose” a breeze!), the quality material, sturdy construction AND of course the genius “no net” design. I also appreciate the generous sizing so the suits will fit them next year as well. And, if my kids are comfortable, happy and look cute, this mom is happy too!

Over all this product receives 9 GOSSELIN THUMBS UP (all five of their sisters made “awww” sounds at their handsome brothers in their new awesome swim suits so I translated that reaction into thumbs up from them too!)!

Go to to read more about this company and order suits for your “boys!”

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