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March 18, 2013

Want Wantable? I have to share!!! I recently found this website Wantable late one night and felt compelled to order the products! It was kinda a “hey I deserve a little present in the mail each month” kind of reaction! So, with curiosity peaked, I proceeded…

Let me explain… So basically there’s this website that allows you to take two super fun and super quick surveys about your makeup and accessories preferences. (And when I say they were fun, I am not kidding you!) You click on happy or sad faces to answer. No brain power needed, moms! It was like an “easy peezy” questionnaire to ascertain your coloring, makeup likes and jewelry top picks (silver vs gold etc). Since I really enjoy makeup and accessorizing, I found these quizzes very fun. I’d venture to say that if I was less knowledgeable in either area, these surveys would have helped steer me in the right direction as far as what kinds of this or that are right for me!

Anyway, here’s how it works: you complete the surveys and then are given an option, based on your answers,  to order a single or monthly box of various new makeup products and/or a single or monthly box of jewelry/accessories. The products are updated and change each month and this system was designed to help us – busy moms and women,  in general – be able to find new makeup that become our “go to” favorites without having to spend a lot of time reading, searching and buying items that end up in the bottom of our makeup drawers! Once you answer the survey, you always receive items that will work for YOU!

To be totally honest, despite the fact that both types of boxes were reasonably priced and affordable, I still wasn’t sure what would actually arrive! And because I couldn’t choose between makeup and jewelry (I mean, who can??!), and because my curiosity got the best of me, I decided to order one of each kind of box! In a few days, I was very thrilled to find in my mail pile (that usually consists of tons of bills, junk mail and other various non exciting items) two  small square boxes, neatly packaged with amazing quality brand name products! I am still amazed that my survey answers were considered so thoroughly, that it was almost as if I had done my own shopping for these items, but instead remembered I had merely sat in my bed alone one night answering two fun questionnaires! How gr8 is that? Time saving at its best!

And the most fun part for me is that my “pre-teens” Mady and Cara were equally intrigued by these small boxes in my mail pile and asked to open them! They squealed with delight as they unwrapped the stylish hot pink scarves that enveloped the products in each box – the scarves that are glaringly absent from my photos here because they convinced me to give them to them, I might add!

Whew, and I must insert here that I was extra glad in that moment that I had ordered TWO boxes since my quest to “keep it fair” never ends here in our house full of sibling rivalrous multiples! The girls “ohhhhed” and “ahhhhed” simultaneously as they retrieved the lip gloss, eye shadow, and held up the ring (my favorite! I wore it for my latest appearance on The View, in fact) and other products from the boxes.












I’d give this website my best moms “seal of approval” for its affordability, easy to follow instructions, its attention to details, and its neatly packaged useful products that, when they arrived, allowed me for a moment to feel “spoiled!” So, since you know that I’m one to TELL others about products and companies that I love, I’m telling you……but I’m also doing a giveaway!!!!

Three lucky people who are randomly selected will have their CHOICE OF A FREE BOX! Go HERE NOW to register to win:

Good luck and I hope you’re as thrilled with yours as I am with my Wantable boxes of goodies!

While the opinion expressed in this review is my own I did receive complementary product and/or compensation.



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